Her Place Is In: SKIN

Use photography and graphic design to use women’s relationship to their hair as a lens to tell their stories, which ultimately, are also the stories of humanity, thereby creating space for empathy and connection.

Photos of handwriting samples collected. Samples were image traced and organized together into one letter. 

Videography by: Makenna Ruth 


There is a lot going wrong in the world today. Judgement, prejudice, and  Nobody is unaffected. At such a dark point, and with so many forces around us telling us not to listen and empathize; not to think critically or take action; not to reflect, connect, and communicate; not to LOVE—it’s all the more important that we do.

The creative team at Her Place Is In wanted to combat some of these negative focus that humanity face--specifically toxic beauty standards, inequality and prejudice--through art, storytelling, and celebration. 


Using their connections in the community and their platform to host an open call for womxn+ who were interested in participating in a community-based photoshoot. The theme was redefining unhealthy beauty standards through the celebration of our natural selves. An application process was put into place, the womxn could share their stories. From the applicants, Briana worked closely with Her Place Is In team as the photographer and creative director of the series to select about 30 womxn, do community outreach, creatively plan the photoshoot and poses, and post on social media. She was the sole photographer and photo editor of the series. 

The photoshoot lasted 3 days. What resulted was a photo series featuring 30+ womxn+ of a variety of shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. These women were challenged to wear no makeup.  Posing in outfits styled to match the tone of their skin, they attempt combat unhealthy beauty standards, claiming that true empowerment is much deeper than the skin. These women will celebrate the strength that lies in community and the power that lies in unity. It ended with a packed art show in Oakland, California at a local business space, where live performers shared music and a panel spoke on beauty, diversity, and empowerment. 


  • Published by Feminist, Curated by Girls, and VoyageLA, Obvious Agency, and The Body Optimist

  • Displayed at an art show at Third Haus in San Francisco, California 


  • Creative Director, Michelle Singleton; Beauty: Rachel Ziegler + team,; and the creative team at Her Place Is In including Imán Benet, Arlette Hernandez, Cherisha Leung, Rachel Zeigler, Kelsey Cox, Miya Jones-Dupree, and Diana Byrd. 

  • Made in collaboration with the community

  • Many thanks to 54Ghost and ArttHaus in Oakland for the studio