A Practice

A practice in composition, color, and form. 

Photos of handwriting samples collected. Samples were image traced and organized together into one letter. 


Towards the beginning of the global pandemic I came across this poem on a friend’s Facebook page. According to the internet it had been written during the Spanish Flu, and spoke of how people were responding to the pandemic: grieving, healing themselves and the Earth, and even fixing old ways of thinking.

It was strange for me to read because it a lot of ways it seemed like humanity had forgotten those lessons, and are now being forced to relearn them all over again.

So with that in mind, I wanted to write a letter from humanity to our future selves about the things we learned during this time, and the moments and lessons we hope to remember. I collected handwriting reflections from over 50 people and compiled them into one letter from us, to us.


Final project, containing handwriting samples from over 50 contributors, designed to fit the dimensions of a newspaper


  • Designed for BleachMag, 2020 

  • Made in collaboration with the community