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Friday, July 27th @ 7PM 

Maker's Loft, Oakland! 

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Michelle Singleton

Stylist | Social Media | Model

A charismatic spirit who’s passionate about deep conversations, expressive style, and abundant culture. Wellness and self-love is a top priority for Michelle. Whether she’s sip’n tea or practicing yoga, she’ll make time for herself each and every day. Her day job, as an E-commerce Merchandiser, consists of leading email marketing campaigns, product development, and seasonal planning. Her eye for style is one her of many talents which have allowed her to excel in her career. Michelle’s newest endeavor has been building a lifestyle brand as a sustainable enthusiast and the Queen Vegan. When she’s not making creative boss moves, you can find her dancing her heart out at City Dance in SF, exploring vintage fairs, or listening to dialogue at panel discussions in the Bay Area. If Michelle were a song it would be Cutie Pie by One Way circa 1982. 

Maereg "Mimo" Haile

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Stylist | Grant Writing | Model

Maereg "Mimo" Haile wants to live in a world filled with powerful women and adventures that come bundled with matcha or chai tea latte. She has diverse professional experiences across broad subject areas such as public health, grants management, and community outreach. She received a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from UC, Davis and a Masters in Public Health from University of San Francisco. Her 9-5 includes being a program manager for HIV research and prevention project in West and Central Africa. Her 5-9 aka passion project is to empower women of the African diaspora by increasing awareness on mental, physical and holistic health, in which she co-founded a non-profit called Coco Coalition, Inc. to expand this work. When she isn't out there trying to be superwoman, you can find her at various dance studios trying to break her back or feet, but usually, she succeeds by killing it with her sexy but classy moves. Or with her dog, Spice, and her partner, Dario, kicking it at a park and eating yummy treats; most likely Spice eating all the treats. 

Arlette Hernandez

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Outreach | Networking | Model

Arlette is a proud Honduran that is super fierce. She has a true passion for empowering and helping underserved communities. It is this passion that motivated her to obtain a Bachelors in Child and Adolescence Development, with an emphasis in Family Servies from SFSU, and a Masters Degree in Public Health at USF. She wanted to show young people in her community that you can be a woman of color, an immigrant and overall badass female making changes. Nothing brings a smile more to her face than knowing she made a positive impact in someone’s life. She loves working with youth talking to them about reproductive health and nutrition. She also loves celebrating womanhood! She helps mamas and their babies connect in a beautiful way, which is teaching them breastfeeding techniques. There’s nothing more magical than seeing mothers and babies bond for the first time. A fun fact: friends nicknamed her “giggles” because she enjoys laughter. She is often smiling and laughing. She is a social butterfly but also appreciates quite nights at home self-reflecting through writing, eating mangos or ice cream, and binge watching a good Netflix show. Her therapy is working out and getting bear hugs from those she loves!




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Graphic Design | Model 

Margaux, a Filipina-Hawaiian Island gal with an eye for style, art & design. Born & raised in the Philippines, eating mangoes religiously, picking fruits & flowers, deep sea diving & basking in the sun nude on a private beach with a lover or two is her ideal world. 

Other than her lifetime dedication to mastering her crafts, she is all about the art of sensuality- awakening the goddess within. Her favorite rough day remedy consists of Mary Jane, crystal healing, aromatherapy, massage & food


Diana Michelle Byrd

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Marketing | Editing | Model

Diana is an adventurous soul. She’s had an entrepreneurial mindset since the age of 18, when she started her very first business, Meshugga Chic. A funky-retro twist of vintage finds. Knowing she wanted to discover more in life, she soon moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University. Her love for creative directing and styling soon took over her everyday life. Discovering more of herself, she decided to take a leap of faith and migrate to New York City, where she became an art director for short films and music videos. Her entrepreneurial itch started kicking in which lead her to become co-owner of Beatnik Parlor, a hip ice cream business with some of the best ice cream sandwiches in the city. They catered for companies like LOFT, Movies in the Park, and an array of events. Life brought her back to her roots when she received a phone call from her brother that he’d just received the keys to a building to create his own bar and restaurant, The Flamingo House Social Club. She moved back to her hometown of Sacramento to become hands on with art design, marketing, and events. Beyond her business mindset she enjoys Yoga on the Beach, photography, and a soulful tune.


Rachelle Blaisdell

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Studio Owner | Model 

Rachelle is Bay Area native, artist, and entrepreneur. While maintaining two thriving small businesses, Art Beat Events and Maker’s Loft , Rachelle also creates the time to be on the board of Sol Sisters a non-profit organization based out of the SF Bay area. She values inclusiveness, social justice, and improving the community she lives in.


After investing eleven years of your life to her patients in the dental field, Rachelle left a year and a half ago to opened Maker's Loft gallery and community space in Oakland’s downtown. Maker’s Loft is a gallery, workshops, pop-up shop, and event space dedicated to exhibiting local artists and inspiring creativity in our community. Through partnerships with bay area events, groups, and individuals, we help to illuminate the depths of creativity within our own neighborhoods, foster diversity, and give a voice to marginalized members of our community.


She loves big, so big that she has been given the name nickname matchmaker. She hooked her mom and dad up with two of her best friends parents and other close friends with their now husbands. She now has an even bigger family than before and is very close with them. If you need the hook, she's your girl. She enjoys throwing parties for a purpose and creating meaningful and memorable events. When she not working or spending time with her loved ones she's hiking, painting, dancing, or remodeling and decorating her space. More times than not if you come to her with an idea for your next creative project she will be on board to be apart of it in some way or another. It is written all over her face that she is beyond grateful to have a space to utilize in the community.


Allanah Garcia

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Social Media | Outreach | Model

Allanah Najah Garcia is an entrepreneur and business owner of Las Tres Marias vintage. Her fiery energy translates in her style, music taste and her ability to empower others to be unapologetically themselves. Allanah is an advocate in her community for immigrant families, anti-racism and women’s rights. When not scouting out the hottest eccentric vintage for her shop, she enjoys reading metaphysical books or attending artistic social events. Her favorite song is “break on through” by The Doors. Allanah is a badass Leo that loves to find any excuse to dress up, show up and ignite the fire in her loved ones. Fun fact: She and her chihuahua are both vegans :)


Makenna Cooper

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Videography | Social Media | Model

Makenna “Kenny” Cooper is an introverted creative and Bay Area native with a passion for business and marketing. Although she is the youngest member of the group, she is nothing short of a powerhouse. Mature, sharp, and business minded, she proves that when it comes to creativity age is quite literally nothing but a number. While she works her way to a BA in business entrepreneurship, she spends the rest of her professional time as a barista and childcare specialist. If she’s not waist deep in school work, coffee, or toddlers you can most likely find her hiking through the hills or building her fashion and lifestyle brand (keep an eye out). In true Libra fashion, personal and professional growth go hand-in-hand for this one, noting that she feels her best as long as she is learning something (regardless of circumstance). Deeply passionate about children, nature, and travel, she hopes to build a life of love for not only her own tribe but any tribe she comes in contact with along the way. In the next five years she sees herself sitting on at least one degree, running a successful e-commerce business, raising her level of consciousness, and so well traveled that she’d rather just stay home and work. 


Imán Benét 

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Interior Design | Model

Imán Benét, an ethnically ambiguous visual artist, and herbalist out of Berkeley California. Founder of the Oakland From the Ground Up project and the Lavender & Honey food and wellness label; Imán is a true wellness enthusiast and advocates the importance of living your absolute best life in each moment in a way that is sustainable, mindful, and authentic. Imán considers herself an Artist of life and has a passion for discovering new plant-based foods from around the world and creating them in her own kitchen. Some of Imán’s go to musicians are Kaytranada, Erykah Badu, Homeshake, and Noname. Imán loves the smell of burning Palo Santo in the morning and feels as though if her soul had a color it would undoubtedly be Lavender.


Miya Jones

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Miya Jones is an Oakland native who is passionate about the arts. Miya works as a recruiter for The Art Institute is currently getting her Masters in Organizational Leadership. Miya also has a professional organizing business called, Organizing Diva, where she goes to people’s homes and organizes their closets or does personal shopping for them.  Miya plans on continuing to grow her business by being a reliable leader and entrepreneur for her clients and staff. Miya graduated from The Art Institute of California San Francisco, last December winning Best Portfolio getting her degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. Miya is known for her fun outgoing personality and eclectic style. Miya loves exploring and traveling the world. On weekends you are most likely going to find her hanging with her new fiancé, family, friends or her pup Ariel Simone!


Briana Gardener

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Photography | Web Design | Social Media

Briana is studying Visual Communication Design at San Francisco State University, where she is a designer for the school paper and has founded One Alike, a creatives' conglomerate on campus. In her spare time, she volunteers at a local non-profit, CityYouthNow , that works to provide support to youth in the San Francisco Juvenile Justice system and serves on a team focused on grassroots community development and empowerment in the city.


Briana is spending her summer interning at Emerson Collective, working on their Marketing & Communications team to use the power of storytelling, art, and social media to advance their major objectives: education, immigration reform, the environment, health, and other social justice initiatives. She also does branding and social media work for the Exhibition District, a San José based organization focused on developing a network between local artists.


Briana often bites off more than she knows how to chew so she spends most of her time running around chewing frantically and tripping over things. Her ultimate goal is to make the world better and make it damn colorful in the process. 


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